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Let's look at how Parami education can secure your children's future. Scroll down to read more.


Dear Parents,


The future for your children means a lot to you and to us.

We understand that a lot of information can be overwhelming. We will guide you through the pages you might find interesting to understand if Parami is the right fit for your children! You can click home button below if you would like to go back to browse freely. Note that you can always go back home by clicking the bright Parami sphere on the top left corner of the page on every webpage.

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If you are prospective students, we also organize customized pages for you to explore.

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Learn about what Parami does, its mission and vision,

leadership and

the board of trustees...

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University will be seeking accreditation in the US.


Admission Process

Check how to apply and see how admission process work.

Stock Market

Tuition & Fees

Need-based financial aid is available for your children

Parami University

The university prospectus publication gives a comprehensive profile about Parami. It includes information about the programs and courses we offer and their particular details. Download/View our prospectus below.


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