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Inspired Leadership & Compassionate Service


Parami University is a private not-for-profit online university that offers Bachelor of Arts degree programs. The classes are fully synchronous and delivered using advanced education technologies with world-class faculties. Its undergraduate degree programs are licensed under the Higher Education Licensure Commission of Washington, DC, in the US.

Since its humble beginnings in 2017 as a liberal arts education institution in Burma (Myanmar), Parami University has committed itself to empowering youth to cultivate leadership in the service of humanity, civic engagement to communities, and relationship to the natural world. It aims to provide quality education with a focus on academic excellence and holistic development, and promote access to higher education for youth with limited higher education pathways globally. 

With the vision to create change agents from all walks of life, the university is committed to providing generous full and partial scholarships and stipends to students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds.


Parami University aims to be an institution of choice for students in Southeast Asia seeking top-quality higher education opportunities via advanced delivery technologies.


Parami University is committed to educating underserved students in developing countries so that they will become effective change agents and contributing members of the global community. Parami accomplishes this by nurturing critical thinking, inspired leadership, and compassionate service through globally competitive liberal arts and sciences education.

Goals and Objectives

The University sets the goal to develop top-quality educational programs and opportunities for underserved students via advanced delivery modalities to become globally-minded and responsible citizens of the global society. This will be accomplished through the following objectives.

  • To expand university-level education opportunities for underserved students in Southeast Asia to obtain formal college credits and degrees.

  • To help students acquire the general skills and competencies necessary to succeed in advanced undergraduate or graduate courses in the liberal arts and sciences.

  • To prepare students for successful careers and purposeful citizenship in a rapidly changing world.


Parami University aspires all members of the University to cultivate leadership and service. Descriptively, the University cultivates leadership in the service of humanity, their civic engagement to communities, and their relationships to the natural world.


The University will be guided by the following eight core values as a model to invite all university community members to be part of this mission: Equity, Humility, Integrity, Excellence, Diversity, Empathy, Freedom, Responsibility.

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