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Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid 

Estimated yearly tuition fees for undergraduate programs of any major: Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) and Bachelor of Arts in Statistics and Data Science (SDS) is USD 6,940, which includes USD 90 for information technology (ICT) fee (non refundable) and an enrollment deposit of USD 150 (non refundable) once a student is admitted and has decided to enroll. This reflects the cost of education at Parami University, which offers synchronous online learning in real time with world class faculty and personalized education with no more than twenty students per class, using advanced education technology for holistic learning experience. 


With the mission to expand higher education access to students from all backgrounds, Parami University encourages all interested eligible students to apply, regardless of their financial status. Parami University strives to award generous full and partial financial assistance to admitted students if clear financial need is identified.

We believe that the lack of financial resources should not deter students from obtaining a quality education.

Understanding Your Financial Aid Award 


With the belief that education is a right for any student willing to learn and contribute back to their community, Parami awards need-based financial aid to students who need financial aid to pursue their education. Therefore, to gain admission into Parami University, it is essential applicants demonstrate their academic merits, commitment to positive civic engagement, and dedication to bettering their community, humanity, and the planet. 


Once an applicant gains into Parami based on their academic merits, it is Parami's commitment to educating them through various need-based financial aid programs. In fact, the majority of students attending Parami University will receive some form of financial aid, and no student who gains admission will be turned away from enrolling in Parami.

Applying for Financial Aid

The financial aid application must be submitted along with the application via the Apply portal. Applicants who do not need any financial aid must declare their status of no further action. For applicants who need financial aid will be required to submit the application as well as the contact information of two financial aid recommenders online. However, the financial aid documents will not be reviewed until after the students have an offer of admission from Parami University. The financial aid application is not a part of and will have no impact on the admission decision.

If necessary, the Admissions & Financial Aid Officers may schedule a meeting with families of admitted students and negotiate with them to come to an agreement with the financial aid scheme suitable to each student in the form of a scholarship.

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