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Admissions & Aid

Critical Thinking, Inspired Leadership, Compassionate Service. At Parami University, we believe that liberal arts education enables self-reflection, discovery and actualization, through which positive societal change can be achieved. We offer rigorous undergraduate programs with a strong emphasis on academic excellence and civic engagement, in an immersive learning environment that encourages students to pursue their passion and make the best of their learning.

Parami University practices a need-blind admissions policy i.e. admission decisions are made regardless of the students’ financial capacity. The financial aid application is submitted with the application online but will only be considered after the students have received an offer of admission. The financial aid application will be reviewed for scholarships and tuition waivers. The University determines financial aid eligibility based on the financial capacity of the students and their families. The admissions and financial aid committee composed of the Dean of Academic Affairs, the Director of Admissions and Student Affairs, and the Admissions & Financial Aid Officers, will review the applications and shortlist the applicants based on their merits. Shortlisted candidates may be called upon for a personal interview with the admissions and financial aid committee.


In both the application and the interview, the University looks for evidence of academic competency for the students to succeed in the programs, and personal attributes that the speak to the values of the University, specifically the aspiration to contribute to one’s community and society; competency to thrive in a college program; intellectual curiosity; leadership potential; and perseverance against challenges. The University encourages applicants to demonstrate these attributes in their personal essays, application forms, and recommendations. 


The application deadline for the academic year 2023-2024 is on March 1, 2023. For the full admissions timeline, check here.

Application Fees

There is no application fee for the academic year 2022–2023. If there are any changes for the admissions round of 2023–2024, the information will be updated accordingly. 

The applicants will be required to complete an application via the ‘Apply’ application portal at and undergo an interview if short-listed. 

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