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First Year Experience

All incoming students engage in mandatory college success workshops designed to empower students to become intellectually curious, academically competent and well-informed global citizens of the world. Upon enrolling at Parami University, first year students will have to attend all three programs/ workshops in respective summer and winter breaks. 

Copying Down

Orientation, and Language and Thinking Program (L&T)

10 August – 23 August, 2023

This intensive two-week long program is developed in partnership with Bard College, a private liberal arts college in New York. As part of the orientation, students will be on-boarded to the online learning environment, and the context of higher learning such as diversity and inclusion, gender sensitivity, academic policies, and mental health well-being before the beginning of the fall semester (August). The Language and Thinking (L&T) curriculum focuses on intensive reading and writing, to get students acquainted with critical reading and writing required in academia, enable respectful listening and clear articulation for productive discussions, and foster collegiate relationships with fellow students who would augment each other's learning experience.  A class of approximately 15 students conduct close reading of classical texts on salient issues of the world, and engage in discussion with the facilitation of an experienced faculty.  

interaction in class

Citizen Science Program (Cit.Sci)

15 January – 2 February, 2024

This mandatory three-week program is organized in the winter break (December-January) of the first academic year. It is designed to empower and equip students with the tools, perspectives, and attitudes to use science literacy in their daily lives. As scientific issues of our days –  such as climate change, public health crises, genetic engineering – become more critical as well as increasingly complex, it is important for each citizen of the world to be able to make critical assessments, interpret data, authenticate sources, and thinking critically about the evidences, processes, conclusions, and positions presented. Citizen Science focuses on the practices and the tools to enable students to make informed decisions and contribute to mitigating the impacts of the complex scientific issues of today and tomorrow. 

Researching and Writing

Academic and Research Skills Workshop (ACRS)

10 June – 2 August, 2024

ACRS is an eight-week workshop facilitated during the summer right after the first academic year (June-August) by the academic program advisors and academic tutors at the University. Academic ethics and research skills are indispensable to all disciplines, and ACRS aims to equip students with the basic analytic and research skills needed for them to succeed in their studies. The workshop covers topics such as proper citations, avoiding plagiarism, and research tools. 

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