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The library resources are made available on the library web page of the University. Video tutorials are also available on how to access the library resources of the University for students and academic staff.


As Parami University offers our undergraduate degree program online, the University invests in developing an online library that allows students to have unfettered access to the necessary academic resources. Parami University has licensed the use of EBSCO Discovery Service as a search engine for academic articles and e-Books.

With the support from Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL), a not-for-profit organization that works to improve access to knowledge in developing countries, the University has licenses with several publishers to open up access for students. In addition to these resources, the Parami University is a participating member institution of Research4Life, which has made thousands of prestigious peer-reviewed publications, such as Nature, Science, and others, available for researchers and students in developing countries.

Similarly, Parami students have access to textbooks and materials entirely online via the University’s open-source and subscription services. Parami has recently licensed Perlego, an online library of academic resources. Every student with a Parami email address will be able to access over 900,000 textbooks across over 950 topics.


Parami University has partnered with EIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries). EIFL enables access to a wide variety of databases and subscriptions. These include Journal of Burma Studies, Oxford Journals Collection, Royal Society Journals Collection, E-Duke Journals Scholarly Collection and so on.

Project MUSE hosts more than 800 journals and more than 90,000 books from nearly 400 leading university presses, scholarly societies, and related publishers. Books and journals are fully integrated on Project MUSE's robust and accessible scholar-designed platform, with a wide variety of affordable library acquisition options available. MUSE also offers nearly 5,000 open access books and several open access journals on the platform.


All students and staff affiliated with Parami University can access all the resources via a virtual private network (VPN) with Parami University Public IP. Besides, integration between proxy service and Parami Canvas LMS is on the way. Everyone who has access to it will be able to search the resources within the Parami learning management system. Please contact regarding the use of library resources. In addition, both students and faculty have access to professional librarian services to support their research and academic work.


Video tutorial on how to access the library resources of the University for students and academic staff:

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