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Parami University offers two bachelor's degree programs and certificate courses across a wide range of disciplines, all of which align with industry requirements. The programs and courses are delivered online synchronously.

The undergraduate degree programs at Parami University are licensed under the Higher Education Licensure Commission (HELC) of the District of Columbia in the United States. Certificate level courses for continuous education are not licensed and they are non-credit bearing. 

As a Parami University student, you will learn from top-notch lecturers and industry leaders who can help you enhance your critical thinking and acquire essential practical experience to become successful in your future careers. 


While studying at Parami, students must take a wide variety of seminar and disciplinary courses in their first two years. They will decide on a study track to pursue their respective major by the end of their second year. In each major, the students will have to choose a focus or a concentration to develop their expertise and skills in that particular concentration.

Philosophy, Politics, & Economics

A necessary tool in understanding human interactions and affairs in the interconnected modern world.

Learn more about our programs at Study at Parami page.

Statistics and Data Science

Foundation in the traditional statistical field and the exponential application of statistics in a modern connected world through data science.

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Parami Institute of Continuing Education is organized to deliver online certificate courses (non-accredited) to any adult learners or even young students who wish to further the horizon of their education.

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