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Parami University has its roots in Burma (also known as Myanmar). With a vision to empower Burmese and other Southeast Asian students via the liberal arts and sciences education, Parami started as Parami Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences in 2017 to provide quality education to adult learners in Burma. Its flagship Parami Leadership Program admitted university graduates of Burma from all across the country to cultivate critical thinking, leadership skills, and compassionate service mindset through a year long intensive liberal arts and science curriculum.


Parami Institute also organized the Parami Talk Series, a public education program that invited change makers in different fields domestically and globally. Moreover, university autonomy and quality assurance in higher education were advocated through research publications such as Parami Journal of Education and research center policy briefs. 

Parami University believes in the transformative power of higher education, and in particular, the liberal arts and sciences curriculum, to empower individuals and societies with self-determination. Given the limitations faced by many youth in Burma and Southeast Asia to access affordable, high quality higher education degree programs, Parami University decided to become a fully-fledged online university and pursue university license in the United States to expand higher education pathways.


In June 2022, Parami University was granted licensing from the Higher Education Licensure Commission (HELC) of Washington, D.C. in the United States to offer Associate Degree and Bachelor’s Degree programs. The first undergraduate class of Parami University begins in the fall of 2022, and aims to welcome students from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. 

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