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Your philanthropic support makes a huge difference in the lives of our students - the difference that can transform them into next generation leaders.


Parami University will teach, nourish, and challenge young people with diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, including youth from developing countries and marginalized communities, so that they are equipped to shape a new narrative in their respective communities, societies and globally: a narrative that moves on from stagnation, and status quo to progress and prosperity, to humanity and hope.

Why Give?

Why Give
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Our mission is to educate underserved students in developing countries so that they will become effective change agents and contributing members of the global community. Join us and change lives with the gift of education.

Make a Gift of Education

Innovative programming and a dedication to improving accessibility define our approach to education in crisis regions. Your donation can help amplify the transformative power of education to better individual lives and communities in Burma and the global south.

Your Impact


Quality Higher Education


International education is not accessible to many students in the global south due to national boundaries, immobility, financial constraints, and access requirements. We at Parami make globally recognized liberal arts education accessible to youth from diverse communities, particularly from displaced, migrant, and refugee communities, by administering a flexible admission system, strong local partnerships and generous need-based financial aid.

Our licensing with the Higher Education Licensure Commission (HELC) in Washington D.C. and dual-degree partnership with Bard College, US, ensure that Parami graduates receive quality higher education and globally competitive degrees to help them advance their career goals. 
Scholarships support students such as Kyi Lae Lae Moe who is a migrant student in a town on the Thai-Burma border. Students from migrant communities face significant challenges in pursuing higher education due to structural barriers in conventional university admissions - such as legal documentation, education credentials, financial needs, and family obligations. We tailor our admissions system to minimize these structural barriers and enable students like Kyi to access high-quality, recognized higher education.

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“Receiving a full scholarship from Parami University holds a great significance for me. It enables me to pursue my education in spite of financial difficulties. Additionally, I don't have to navigate the complex paperwork for admissions and financial aid, which is a significant relief for me because it can be risky as a migrant student to secure necessary legal documents.”


- Kyi Lae Lae Moe, Class of 2027


Parami University, Inc. is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization (EIN is 87-4146468), and donations to Parami are tax-deductible. Click here to review the determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service, Department of the Treasury of the United States.

Parami University is a registered nonprofit in Benevity, and therefore employees of many corporates are eligible to participate in corporate matching programs through Benevity!


For secure donations by credit or debit card or from a PayPal account, donate through the PayPal account button below.


Donations by check may be mailed to: 


Parami University, Inc. 

Post Office Box 3

Accord, NY 12404 


For gifts of securities or planned giving, please contact:

Zali Win 

If you would like to wire your donation or if you have any question, please contact:


Myat Su San

Donations to Parami are tax-deductible.

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