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Orientation, Meeting Classmates, First Day of Classes

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Parami undergraduate students, Class of 2026, have arrived on our virtual campus! The two-week Language and Thinking Program (L&T) and orientation ended yesterday, and students and faculty are excited to start their first day of classes in the fall semester. The inaugural cohort is comprised of 57 students from all over Myanmar, select regions in Thailand, and Kenya. They will study for their associate and bachelor's degrees online at Parami University and receive an education emphasizing critical thinking, inspired leadership, and compassionate service.

Some of our undergraduate students have already joined their first classes today. We have asked some students to share their orientation experiences, the Language and Thinking Program (L&T), and how they feel about their first day of fall semester classes.

“We did a lot of writing in the L&T program. Writing, which is also related to reading, is crucial for our academic year. I had a great time. My first class is ARTS 100: Hearing Cultures - Transforming Ourselves: Exploring Performance Practices in Southeast Asia. We started introducing ourselves to the class in rhythm. My first day of class was such a happy day.” ⸺ Ei Mon Soe

“During this two-week program, we went through an interpersonal journey. It’s really special. In L&T class, I met amazing people [students] who have the same ideas. They are participating, engaging, and sweet too. They are very open and have shared a unique perspective in their lives. The class also introduced us to a writing system called private free writing and focused free writing. It’s a process of writing your thought down. You can see your weaknesses and strengths and what you know and don’t know from writing a simple note. It’s really interesting. These are the things I have never done in my life. L&T program is special to me. I think it is for most of the students. Our instructor, Dr. Romina de Jong, made the class engaging and welcoming, and I feel like I am a part of the school. During the orientation, there were many webinars. I am happy that [Parami] raises LGBTQ and mental health awareness. ⸺Thant Thaw Tun

“The seminar topics [shared] during the orientation session are very important for students before starting their education. We have learned the relationship between learning and thinking through the L&T program. We all come from different backgrounds and diverse communities. The program has prepared me how to think from different perspectives.” ⸺ Swan Htet Linn

Before starting their semester, students had a great opportunity to join the Language and Thinking Program (L&T) and webinars. This intensive two-week program is developed in partnership with Bard College, a private liberal arts college in New York. The Language and Thinking (L&T) curriculum focuses on intensive reading and writing to introduce students to the critical reading and writing required in academia, including other skills such as respectful listening and articulate communication for productive discussions. As part of the orientation, students had the opportunity to learn about Parami academic policies, cyberbullying, netiquette, gender sensitivity, diversity and inclusion, mental health well-being, and other sessions that prepare for the online learning setting.

Parami University is a private non-profit liberal arts university. This Fall 2022, Parami University offers two online Bachelor of Arts degree programs: Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) and Bachelor of Arts in Statistics and Data Science (SDS). Parami's undergraduate degree programs are licensed under the Higher Education Licensure Commission (HELC) of Washington, DC, in the US. The classes are fully synchronous and delivered using advanced education technologies with world-class faculty. Parami University will provide room and board at some select learning hubs in different cities for students who do not have stable internet and electricity. The learning hubs are also designed to enhance student collaboration, networking, and engagement while studying at Parami University.

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