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Unveiling Geometric Echoes: Media Club hosts inspiring photography project

Geometric Echoes Photo by Media Club

Parami University, characterized by its commitment to liberal arts education, embraces well-rounded education, fosters a culture of intellectual exploration, and encourages students to delve into various academic, intellectual, and creative domains. As a result, the university is currently home to many students whose curiosity spans diverse areas of interest. The recent in-person event in Yangon organized by the Media Club, one of the inspiring student-led clubs at Parami University, is a further testament to the vibrant intellectual dynamism among the Parami students and, by implication, the Parami community. 

The “Geometric Echoes” event showcased an expressive photography project that captivated participants and spectators alike. “Geometric Echoes” was a captivating photography project that invited 18 students to explore the profound significance of shapes and colors in their lives. Each participant was allowed to select a shape and color that resonated deeply with them, serving as the focal point for their photographic portrayal. Participants delved into the intricate relationship between personal symbolism and visual representation. 

“We are all consciously or unconsciously attached to a shape and color, and they are reflected in our daily lives. Everybody has a favorite color representing their mood, feelings, and ways of thinking. Like shapes, we find ourselves reflected in rigid or soft, straight or wavy, simple or complex shapes,” Wai Moe, the leader of the Media Club and the organizer, explained. 

 The core objective of this project was to immerse students in the realm of media communications, fostering their understanding and appreciation of its power as an expressive tool. At the heart of this project lies a profound focus on the students themselves. In a world where an individual grapples with their own set of challenges and struggles, the act of creative expression serves as a powerful antidote to mental stress. The Media Club fosters a sense of catharsis and self-discovery by encouraging students to channel their thoughts and emotions into artistic endeavors. Through this process, participants were able to explore their innermost thoughts and feelings, transforming them into tangible works of art. In doing so, they not only gain a deeper understanding of themselves but also develop the confidence to express their authentic selves more freely. 

The project was conducted with the support of the civic engagement grant offered by the international universities network, of which Parami University is a proud member.  Wai Moe shared that another unexpected outcome has emerged, leading them into an exciting new phase. They are currently in the process of curating a captivating magazine inspired by the “Geometric Echoes” project, with a multitude of ambitious goals in mind. 

Wai Moe added, “This magazine serves as a platform for students to showcase their creative talents and further explore the intersections of art and media communications. Yet, its impact is far beyond mere publication, with various target goals and great potential for positive change having been outlined.”

Proceeds from the magazine’s sales will be directed towards charitable causes, either through donations or educational services, embodying the team’s commitment to giving back to the community and making a meaningful difference in the lives of others, reflecting “inspired leadership” and “compassionate service” embraced by Parami University.” 

Group photo from Geometric Echoes event

Phyu Han, one of the participants, described her overall experience in the “Geometric Echos” with one word, “FREEDOM.” She explains, “This event helped me create a writing piece expressing my inner voice through my chosen shape and color. I could share my reflective creation with my friends freely during the event, communicate with my friends freely with no stress, and enjoy my mid-term break with supportive and friendly Parami gangs. That’s why I chose the word ‘FREEDOM’.” 

Another participant, Tris, shared, “The Geometric Echos was one of the most enjoyable events enriched with practical experience at Parami. The interaction with and my exploration of the story of other peers will be memorable.” 

Naing Lin Thu, the treasurer of the Media Club and also the co-organizer of “Geometric Echos,” reflected, “A lot of new things were learned throughout its [the project’s] execution. Ultimately, I am delighted that participants not only discovered shapes and colors that spoke to them but also gained insights from professional photographers while strengthening their friendships.” 

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