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How can you maintain strong academic performance in a student-centered classroom?

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

In a student-centered classroom, students will not be listening to the lecturer passively. Instead, their academic success will depend on how proactive they are in the class. In this approach, students are at the center of their own learning.

Here are some ways you can be a proactive learner to benefit the most from a student-centered learning approach.

1) Participate in class discussions by sharing your opinions and asking questions to your fellow classmates

2) Do the reading ahead of time before class and grasp the main points

3) Ask questions to instructors if the materials are not clear

4) Enhance communication and collaboration skills through group work

As a liberal arts education institution providing a well-rounded education to students, Parami University uses a student-centered approach to teaching and learning. All undergraduate and continuing education courses at Parami employ discussion-based small classrooms to enhance students’ critical thinking and learning capabilities.

A student-centered approach is learning, representing both a mindset and a culture that incorporates teaching and instruction methods that focus on the learner. In the student-centered approach, students are the main responsible learners of the materials. With a learning environment that caters to students with opportunities to learn in their own learning styles and preferences, students are put in the center of their own learning.

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