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ParamiX instructors impressed by participants' commitment to complete classes despite challenges

Closing Ceremony of 2024 Spring ParamiX Courses

The 12-week-long ParamiX courses have been wrapped up with fruitful and exciting final project presentations from different classes. The ParamiX courses offered in Spring 2024 were organized around the theme “Go Global” with the aim of making a connection between local and global learning communities. The ParamiX courses brought together dedicated participants from across Myanmar, from the Tanintharyi region to the Yangon region and from the Sagaing region to the Shan state. Some participants joined classes from Thailand, Taiwan, and Singapore.

The “Go Global” courses were taught by five distinguished instructors who are university professors and individuals with great professional experience. Some instructors, such as Dr. Dale Mineshima-Lowe and Dr. Hannah Stevens, also teach classes in the undergraduate programs at Parami University. Instructor Jack van Dokkum has taught some courses at ParamiX, and for two instructors, Anna Dolan and JC, this is their first time teaching at Parami. 

As the ParamiX classes finished, instructors were excited to share the memorable moments from their classes and teaching at Parami. Given the current situation in Myanmar, instructors were in awe of the level of creativity, commitment, and dedication the participants had to successfully complete their courses.

“I was impressed by the students' willingness to listen to and experiment with how best to shape a film, all the many parts that go into the making of a film, how to engage all the emotions, senses, and minds of the audience, across cultures, including language, information, and story, so as to move that audience to action and awareness. The temperature of the classes was calm and supportive, even through hard circumstances.  Their projects were carefully composed, and they took risks and worked hard.” —Anna Dolan (M.F.A.), an instructor of Documentary Film-Making: Climate Change-Myanmar in the Global Context 

"Arriving at Parami with uncertainties swirling around me, I found myself unexpectedly enveloped by the sheer determination and spirit of the students. Their unwavering dedication in the face of adversity touched me deeply, igniting a flame within me to continue returning. Witnessing their relentless efforts and unwavering commitment, despite the challenges they encounter, fills me with admiration and respect. Their creativity knows no bounds, surpassing even my highest expectations. I eagerly anticipate the realization of their creations, watching as they blossom into accomplished illustrators, each success a testament to their resilience and talent."—JC, an instructor of Editorial Illustration: From Global Stories to Local Creatives 

“Teaching for Parami is a wonderful opportunity to share knowledge and even discover new elements while working with students from many different parts of society. It is an interesting challenge to shape classes for different levels and experiences, but always for people who want to be there in the room with you!” — Jack van Dokkum (M.A.), an instructor of Global Supply Chains: A Critical Investigation of Today’s International Trade

"I’ve been delighted by the creativity, the commitment to learning, the curiosity about the world, and the hope and determination the students have all shown during the True Stories Go Global course, especially during such a difficult time in Myanmar. I’ve loved the stories the students shared, their inventiveness, and their vision.? — Hannah Stevens ( Ph.D.), an instructor of True Stories Go Global

“It is a pleasure and honor to teach the dedicated and driven students on the Parami X courses. Their dedication and interest in their studies through all things is admirable. Their project work this semester has been impressive, and their sharing of their knowledge and ideas with their peers is something, as a group, we have celebrated.”—Dale Mneshima-Lowe (Ph.D.), an instructor of Globalization and Capitalism in the Contemporary World

ParamiX courses are offered under the Parami Institute of Continuing Education (PICE) at Parami University. Each course is twelve weeks long, including time to implement the learning in projects. At least for nine of these twelve weeks, participants will engage with each other and the instructor in online, synchronous meetings of 1.5 hours twice a week. Throughout the courses, participants had an excellent opportunity to improve their English language, academic writing, critical thinking, discussion, and presentation skills. Check out all final projects by ParamiX participants at

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