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Parami students organized Art Education and Creative Expression events for online students

Participants at Art Education and Creative Expression event

With the support of the Chinbridge Institute, two Chingbridge-selected representatives from Parami University, Ei Mon and Laixen, organized four events in Yangon and Mandalay in November for online students to get away from Zoom, screens, and social media and, most importantly, to learn and understand more about Myanmar art and culture.

Two art therapy events were organized in collaboration with Citta Consultancy and Art Planet Myanmar and two artventures events were organized in collaboration with Art Planet Myanmar, Kokkoya Organics, Ayathakan, and Sar Lone.

The participants got to explore art and culture through different activities such as pot paintings, farm experiences, consulting, discussions, art gallery visits, calligraphy, and caricature.

The student organizers proactively and successfully contacted the organizations that are ideal for the event's goals and objectives for collaboration through the connections of the Laid-Back Art and Philosophy Club at Parami University. 

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