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Parami faculty selected for CLASP Fellowship

Dr. Dan Wessner, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities at Parami University, was selected as a CLASP Fellow, Cohort '25. This cohort features fourteen fellows from different universities in the Open Society University Network (OSUN)

"Partnering closely with Bard College and the Open Society University Network, our university sees its peer institutions (regionally and globally) as those that aim to perfect Liberal Arts and Sciences education with an emphasis on writing, critical thought, metacognition, and service to society. This CLASP Fellowship will sharpen my pedagogy of writing and thinking, and these capabilities, in turn, will contribute to Parami's impact on students who can transform Myanmar. I look forward to learning among OSUN faculty of other countries, where teachers, students, and societies have applied enhanced education to vexing state-societal problems," said Dr. Dan Wessner.

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