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First academic year celebration meetup

Parami student support team has organized a meetup for the Parami University Class of 2026 to meet in person and celebrate the completion of their first academic year together before starting their summer classes and service learning. Last weekend, the Parami students in Yangon joined the gathering and played spikeball at a park located in downtown Yangon.

Parami undergraduate program, Class of 2026, features 57 students from Myanmar, Thailand, and Kenya. Students can receive residential support at learning hubs or use computer and internet facilities at learning facilities located across Myanmar and Thailand, operated through partnerships with community educational institutions and supporters. Parami now provides two learning hubs in Mandalay and Taunggyi, Myanmar, and two learning facilities in Yangon, Myanmar, and Chiang Mai, Thailand. In addition, three of our students in Kenya are supported through a learning hub provided by Bard College.

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