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Dr. Myo Thida

Faculty of Mathematics and Science

Dr. Myo Thida received her Ph.D. in Computer Vision from Kingston University, UK in 2013. She is a social entrepreneur with a strong belief in Education for reforming the country. In 2001, she won a scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affair, Singapore to study the Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). She graduated from NTU with B.Eng. degree in 2005 and won another Scholarship from NTU to pursue her Master of Engineering and received her M.Eng. degree in 2008. She has continued her Ph.D. Programme at Kingston University while she was working as a research Engineer at a renowned Institute, named Institute of Infocomm Research, I2R (Singapore). Dr. Myo Thida received her Ph.D. degree in Computer Vision from Kingston University, UK in 2013. She has published over 10 journal and conference papers and her research h-index is 9 and i-10 index is 8. She also won several awards, including the 2008 IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award from the Institution of Engineers, Singapore, and the 2012 IWA applied research honor award from the International Water Association for the development of intelligent surveillance.

From 2013 to 2021, Dr. Myo Thida has served as a senior expert and consultant in the Education reform of Myanmar. Through her own consultancy firm and as a freelancer, she has provided professional service in analyzing and deriving insights from large and complex sets of data for data-driven decision. She is also an enthusiastic trainer and actively involved in empowering the youths, and capacity building for civil servants and the members of parliament (MPs).

Not only in Myanmar, but she has also been active in regional organizations such as ASEAN Foundation and Women in AI. She has been awarded as an ASEAN-US science and technology fellow in 2019 and ASEAN science diplomat in 2021 and she promotes the awareness of making data-driven Policies that are based on scientific evidence. She will be teaching Programming with Python in the fall.

Dr. Myo Thida

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