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Dr. Doan Nhat Minh

Faculty of Mathematics and Science

Dr.Doan Nhat Minh is a mechanical engineer with a strong passion for renewable energy and fluid mechanics. His Ph.D. dissertation at Keio University (Japan) scrutinized a system of counter-rotating cross-flow hydrokinetic turbines for enhanced energy output. While in Japan, Dr. Doan spent 3 years at the Wind Energy Institute of Tokyo working on multiple Japanese floating offshore wind projects.

His research interest was inspired by professors at Bucknell University (United States) where he obtained his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and B.A. in Physics. As a senior college student, he worked on a couple of experimental fluid mechanics projects funded by the US National Science Foundation. Upon college graduation, he was a Faculty Research Assistant at University of Maryland (UMD) implementing fluid measurement systems for the UMD Three-Meter Geodynamo experiment.

Dr. Doan was born and raised in Hanoi. After more than 10 years living abroad, he came back to his motherland and joined Fulbright University Vietnam in 2022 as a Faculty of Engineering.

Dr. Doan Nhat Minh

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