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Philosophy, Politics, & Economics

Studying social sciences in an interdisciplinary approach has become a necessary tool in understanding human interactions and affairs in the interconnected modern world. What are the foundations of human thoughts? Why do people think the way they do? What are various social, cultural, and political values that form the basis of human societies? How have these given rises to different political beliefs and systems? How do people make decisions that influence their lives?


The undergraduate major in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) will equip students with a solid foundation of skills and competencies to address these questions. The students will learn diverse fundamental philosophical concepts that form the basis of human intellect. They will gain a well-rounded perspective on various political structures, beliefs, and policies. They will comprehend the fundamentals of economic principles that govern individual and societal decisions of far-reaching impact.


Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) program aim to:

  1. Cultivate critical thinking enabled by an interdisciplinary approach to social scientific inquiry.

  2. Underscore the importance of the intellectual connections between Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.

  3. Enable students to engage in comparative political theory analyzed through multiple philosophical traditions and global perspectives.


Career Prospects:

This program is designed to prepare its graduates to pursue careers in a wide range of professional fields, including international affairs, public policy, business, journalism, consulting, law, international development, and market research.

The Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) Program is offered by the Division of Social Studies. The Division's mission is to cultivate students to become social scientists and global citizens empowered to address societal challenges by providing programs in the field of social studies in line with the mission of Parami University.


Sample 4-Year Study Plan for
Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) Majors


Statistics and Data Science

When we buy something, we are dealing with data. When we use social media, we are dealing with data. When we save money in a bank, we are dealing with data. When we vote, we are dealing with data. Data is everywhere. We live alongside data in this intricately complex world, and big data is irreversibly changing the world.

The undergraduate major in Statistics and Data Science (SDS) will equip students with a solid foundation in the traditional statistical field and the exponential application of statistics in a modern connected world through data science. Data Science expands upon Statistics through the incorporation of modern fields such as data mining, machine learning, and high-performance computing, to manage the entire lifecycle of data, from its inception of specification, generation, gathering, analysis, clean-up, interpretation, so as to make decisions and develop policies that have societal impact.


Statistics and Data Science (SDS) program aim to:

  1. Cultivate critical thinking enabled by knowledge and understanding of statistics and data science. 

  2. Enable students to appreciate the centrality of statistics and data science in identifying and investigating complex questions in different fields.

  3. Prepare graduates to become ethical and responsible data professionals. 


Career Prospects:

This interdisciplinary major will be for students interested in understanding and addressing abundant data using statistical tools. The students who graduate from this major can later specialize in their studies or find career opportunities in data analytics, risk assessment, finance, technology, and market research.


The Statistics and Data Science (SDS) Program is offered by the Division of Mathematics and Data Science. The Division’s mission is to cultivate students to be able to address challenging global issues through mathematics and data science by offering programs in the field of Mathematics and Data Science in line with the mission of the Parami University.

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