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Students’ works published in Global Commons Spring 2024 issue

Updated: Jun 17

To many undergraduate students, academic growth is unarguably a long journey to navigate. While their coursework provides a strong foundation, the opportunity to publish their academic works stands as a unique chance to propel themselves forward and showcase their academic and intellectual growth. 

Eight freshmen and sophomore Parami undergraduate students published their academic works in the Spring 2024 issue of Global Commons, an international publication from OSUN.

Their works covered a wide range of academic categories such as Arts and Society, Global Justice, Human Rights, and Inequalities. The Spring 2024 issue of Global Commons comprises about 40 digital publications by students from OSUN partner institutions, including Parami University.

Their success goes beyond just an external recognition as it exemplifies the values Parami University instills in its students: a passion for research, a love of learning, and the ability to present their ideas with confidence. 

Please see the published essays of Parami students via the following links:

This is an encouraging increase in the number of Parami students who have been able to publish their academic works. See the following links to see the students who had their academic works published in previous semesters: 

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