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Parami student essays got featured on the Global Commons

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Essays by three undergraduate students from Parami University under the themes of Global Justice, Global Public Health, and Democracy Practice were selected for the Open Society University Network Global Commons, Spring 2023 Issue.

The Spring 2023 Issue consists of 50 digital publications by students from 12 institutions across the OSUN community, including Parami University.

Check out the Parami students' essays below:

Read an essay on Global Justice by Naing Min Khant

Read an essay on Global Public Health by The The Zuu Zin

Read an essay on Democracy Practice by Kaung Myat Phyo

One of the students, Naing Min Khant, expressed how grateful he is to have the opportunity to publish his essay in his freshmen year at Parami University and explained the objective of writing the essay.

"As a first-year undergraduate student at Parami University, I am deeply honored and privileged to have the opportunity to contribute to such a prestigious digital publication that highlights student voices and ideas from all corners of the world, the Global Commons by OSUN. The plight of the Rohingya is a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions, and I believe that my essay can play a small but important role in drawing attention to the complex issues."―Naing Min Khant, Class of 2026


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