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Who are Parami students?

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Fall semester classes have started for two weeks now, and the virtual classrooms at Parami University are filled with students with different perspectives and backgrounds. Parami University welcomed 89 new students to its intellectually diverse community this fall. Parami University opened its virtual door to students to access quality education a year ago. Parami is now home to nearly 150 students from diverse communities in Myanmar, Thailand, and Kenya. Who are Parami students? Where are they joining their classes from?

Parami's students reflect diversity and leadership

This year, Parami welcomed 89 students, Class of 2027, from Myanmar, selected regions in Thailand and Kenya, and 53% of students from 2023-2024 represent states and regions outside Yangon and Mandalay, Myanmar. Despite coming from different communities, cultures, and religions, the students all have something in common in which to give back to their communities.

Of 89 new students, three are from Chiang Mai and Mae Sot, Thailand, one is from Kenya, and the rest are from all states and regions in Myanmar. Nineteen students from the Class of 2027 have joined Parami continuing education programs, such as the AEM-Parami English courses, Parami Burmese Language Seminar Course, and ParamiX courses.

The student at Parami University reflects diversity and leadership.

Check out publications and activities by the Class of 2026 here. 

In the journey of finding compassionate community leaders

With the advent of advanced information technology, searching for information is just one click away. Although educational opportunities are widely accessible online, it is still challenging for some students living in rural areas where they do not have regular electricity and internet connections.

Parami University's commitment is to expand access to quality higher education to the youth from underserved communities in developing countries. With the education, Parami believes they will inspired to become a change agent and contributing global community members. In collaboration and partnership with community schools, the Parami admissions team traveled to different communities to share the education pathways for the young people in the areas.

During the admissions period for the 2023-2024 intake, the admissions team traveled to different regions in Myanmar and Thailand to provide information sessions to prospective students for the Parami University undergraduate programs. They provided in-person information sessions in Mandalay, Taunggyi, Mawlamyaing, Hpa-an, Maesot, and Mae Hong Son, and about 750 people participated.

Learning community

Online learning can be challenging for students living in areas without electricity and internet connections. To avoid these online learning challenges, Parami Liberal Arts and Sciences Fund, Inc. (PLASFI) supports Parami University students with learning hubs to live and pursue their education. In addition, Parami provides a shared space for learning and gathering that promotes a sense of community; learning facilities are available around the region where Parami students are joining their classes.

In June 2022, Parami University received a degree-granting authority license granted by the Higher Education Licensure Commission (HELC) to offer two online bachelor's degrees: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) and Statistics and Data Science (SDS). Parami's inaugural cohort comprises 57 students from Myanmar and selected regions in Thailand and Kenya. Students at Parami University will receive dual associate degrees after two years and dual bachelor degrees after four years.

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