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What is the role of Registrar in university?

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Phyu Thet Wai, Information System Manager/Registrar of Parami University

Not many people are familiar with the term 'registrar' and know their role in the university. A registrar is a person who serves as an official to keep registration and official records. University Registrar is responsible for maintaining student academic records and course data, including helping students schedule and register for classes to ensure their academic performance meets graduation requirements.

Phyu Thet Wai, Information System Manager/Registrar of Parami University, shared a comprehensive insight into her role at Parami University and what she is mainly responsible for. The role of the registrar at Parami University is to provides students-centered services in the areas of registration, course enrollment, grade reporting, transferring credits, and issuing of transcripts.

"I am responsible for working with information management system technicians to configure and customize the application software for the operations of Parami University in various aspects and functions. I also support various Parami teams by training them to use the application for their respective tasks. I am also responsible for developing policies, systems, and forms to collect, process, and record student information in the Student Information System. I also oversee the operation and maintenance of the student records database," said Phyu Thet Wai, Information System Manager/Registrar of Parami University.

The registrar unit is a key information hub of the university. It supports the educational values and goals by providing quality enrollment/registration and academic information record services to the students, alumni, faculty, and staff. A student information system is a major software solution that enables educational institutions to digitize and maintain records of students' information, including demographics, grades, schedules, and test scores, more effectively.

Phyu Thet Wai, Information System Manager/Registrar at Parami University, continued sharing some of the key features and qualities essential for those who work in this field. She also highlighted some of the software used at Parami University that supports effective information management.


Confidentiality is a fundamental component of a good quality Education. Students' information is sensitive and should be kept confidential. The registrar ensures that students' information is stored on a Student Information System and can only be assessed using a secure password. The registrar keeps students' information confidential by establishing best practices for handling data, monitoring who has access to student records, ensuring everyone processes students' data securely, and overseeing physical and digital security measures.

Interpersonal and excellent organizational skills

To maintain student records, a registrar must have strong interpersonal, communication, and excellent organizational skills. They also need to have good computer skills and knowledge to work with student information systems, course management systems, and various digital tools and programs to keep track of students' data, academic records, academic performance, and progress.

Efficient administration & database software for registration and official records

Parami University uses a student information system named 'Orbund' that helps to manage and store the student's related data in a secured environment. It integrates students, faculty, and the administration. The system also coordinates online class enrollment and communications and updates qualified students' profiles with changes as they happen.

Parami University also uses an in-house customized course catalog system called 'CIMRS' to launch the information of all upcoming courses in the following semesters and allow the students to check the course catalog in the system to learn about upcoming courses.

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