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Student-led projects reflect Parami emphasis on civic engagement

Photo from Pyan Tone Kya Mal Team

A well-rounded education goes beyond textbooks and lecturers. Extracurricular activities provide students with valuable opportunities to explore their passions, think critically, develop new skills, and build meaningful connections, collaborate effectively, and contribute positively to their communities. Despite being an online university, Parami University recognises this importance of extracurricular activities and offers a diverse range of options for its students. 

These include in-person workshops and activities, educational trips, international exchange programs, funded projects, and internships in different regions, including the United States. Parami University also places a strong emphasis on civic engagement, believing that students have a responsibility to contribute to their communities and make a positive impact on the world. A recent example of this dual commitment to civic engagement and extracurricular activities is Parami’s offer of micro-grants to fund a new round of civic engagement projects led by students. 

Before choosing and funding the projects, the Parami Student Affairs team conducted an extensive workshop on educating students about civic engagement. Pedro from the Student Affairs team stated, “for us, as university students and future leaders, it’s really important to be involved in our communities and help make things better. We want to ensure you all know about “civic engagement.” 

Four proposed projects were chosen for micro-grants after careful evaluation. The projects have their different themes such as cultural awareness and exploration, introduction to federalism, environmental awareness and eco-friendly advocacy, and digital media literacy. At the center of all the projects lies a strong emphasis on contributing to the communities, utilizing limited resources. Further details about the projects are as follow:

Activity photo from Cultural Literacy for Teens (Yoe Yar) Team

Cultural Literacy for Teens (Yoe Yar) 

“Cultural Literacy for Teens (Yoe Yar)” organized an extensive workshop that offered a vibrant experience for teenagers, aiming to spark their curiosity and understanding and immersing them in the richness of diverse cultures. A curated selection of three guest speakers from diverse backgrounds shared their experiences and perspectives during the workshop sessions. Partnering with Project Luminary, another existing youth-led civic engagement initiative, it leveraged its social media reach and to announce its focus on cultural exploration. While cultural understanding was a central theme, “Yoe Yar” went a step further in fostering the development of crucial skills such as individual leadership skills, interpersonal skills, and cultural appreciation among the participants. 

Click here to learn more about Yoe Yar project.

Photo of Introduction to Federalism team members

Introduction to Federalism 

“Introduction to Federalism” was another youth-led workshop that aimed to educate high school students about the intricacies of federal systems. The workshop was meticulously planned with all necessary resources, including engaging lessons, informative slides, challenging quizzes and insightful discussions. The project team proactively addressed participant needs such as data connectivity and electricity limitations, to ensure their seamless participation. Recordings and additional learning material were shared, catering to students with potential connection or electricity problems. Through their deliberate preparations, the workshop fostered a supportive learning environment and successfully equipped its participants with a deeper understanding of federalism. 

Click here to learn more about Introduction to Federalism project.

Activity photos from Pyan Tone Kya Mal team

Pyan Tone Kya Mal

“Pyan Tone Kya Mal” project team embarked on a two-pronged mission to raise awareness and inspire action on waste management. Recognizing the country’s growing waste problem, we focused on different approaches in two key cities: Yangon and Taunggyi. These various approaches include championing the popular 3R - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle method through a captivating short video as a public awareness tool, interviewing individuals to gain further insights and concerns, equipping participants with the knowledge and tools to become advocates for sustainable waste management practices, introducing the concept of “systems thinking” which encourages understanding how different elements of an issue interconnect and fostering a holistic approach to waste management. This comprehensive youth-led approach serves as an encouraging stepping stone towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. 

Click here to learn more about Pyan Tone Kya Mal project.

Activity photos from Ctrl + Alt + Literate team

Ctrl + Alt + Literate: Mastering Social Media

With the creative project’s name, “Ctrl + Alt + Literate: Mastering Social Media” culminated in a series of activities for young people in Mandalay, Myanmar. The project targeted a crucial age ground - 12-18 year olds - and aimed to equip them with the tools to become responsible and informed digital citizens. An in-person was held to provide a platform for participants to delve into key media literacy topics. The areas covered were data security, algorithms, fact-checking, and the rights and responsibilities associated with being a digital citizen. Recognizing the limitations of a physical workshop, the project complemented it with an online session featuring interactive fact-checking guides and media analysis exercises, which welcomed 4 foreign youth participants as well. By equipping participants with the ability to navigate the digital world effectively, the project helped nurture a generation of informed and engaged citizens. 

Click here to learn more about Ctrl + Alt + Literate project.

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