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Participants of Go Global ParamiX Courses shared their memorable learning experiences

Photo of Go Global ParamiX courses closing ceremony

The 2024 Spring ParamiX courses ended in early April. The courses were organized around the theme “Go Global” to make a connection between local and global learning communities. The ParamiX courses brought together dedicated participants from across Myanmar, from the Tanintharyi region to the Yangon region and from the Sagaing region to the Shan state. Some participants joined classes from Thailand, Taiwan, and Singapore.

The Go Global courses welcomed new participants and those who have joined short courses offered by the Parami Institute of Continuing Education (PICE) since late 2021. As they completed their courses, some participants talked about their memorable learning experiences at Parami, including in-class discussions, final projects, and valuable lessons. 

The experiences during the time of making my final project were the most memorable for me. We could share the progress of our projects, make suggestions and recommendations, and exchange opinions on them. When signing up for the ParamiX course, I was looking for an opportunity to prepare myself for a bachelor's program. I wanted to familiarize myself with academic readings, discussions, and assignments. I was also looking for a space to discuss issues relating to my field of interest with other learners. Throughout the course, I had the privilege to read many readings, participate in interactive discussions, and write a policy brief as the final project. The discussion skills and the policy brief writing skills acquired during the course would greatly help me in my bachelor's study since writing and discussion skills are among the most essential skills during an academic course.Thet Aung 

Since November of 2021, I have been a Parami modular student. My courses have primarily dealt with learning and development, human history, leadership, and climate change. The expert lecturers who taught the Parami courses were very knowledgeable. I liked how the teachers shared their knowledge with the students and how Parami offered a convenient online learning environment. The classes that include projects to assess and measure our proficiency in each subject are something I genuinely enjoy…The final project movie, "An Ongoing Story of Earth and Us," was the first self-documentary I produced using the skills I had learned in class. I won't be afraid to make videos and monologues for my teaching purposes in the future, thanks to the experience I gained in class and I am pleased with the new skill to create a video that will benefit my community. — Yewint Zarni Soe

This is my first time joining the Parami course. The courses offered by Parami are really popular among students, and I wanted to take one. That's why I joined the ParamiX course. One of the best things about attending the ParamiX course is the classroom experience. Every week, we watched many different videos, discussed many different topics, and learned how each supply chain works and how each supply chain has an impact on us. The course is fascinating. By taking this course, I have learned how some supply chains work and how they affect our economy, our environment, and our society. It also gave me a different perspective on seeing the world. With the knowledge and experience I got from the class, I believe I can make better decisions in the future, which will benefit my environment and community. —Sitt Thiha Aung

This was my very first time joining the ParamiX course. I joined the ParamiX course because I want to study further in the field that piques my interest, and I am planning my own public mental health awareness page. I needed to acquire more skills to be able to do that. I enjoyed the class very much. It was indeed a great experience. Initially, I signed up for the course to learn how to create a documentary film. In the process, I gained a lot of new information about climate change and became interested in it. The particularly memorable and astonishing skills were "the change of background sound can change the film 180 degrees" and "how to organize every scene on paper to plan the details.” —Saw Thiri Kyaw

One of the most remarkable experiences was when we had to choose keywords for our visuals, which was a change from my regular illustration techniques, in which I just dived into drawing. Here, I must locate keywords, experience the writer's feelings and motivations, and ponder what method and symbolism will bring out the best in the writer's article. I believed that one piece of artwork took longer than one academic paper in a seminar classroom. The process is difficult and time-consuming; even article scanning requires half a month. However, we cannot easily attain the things we value without committing at some point, so the finished artwork is quite rewarding to me. Creating something requires time, both in the creative process and the creation itself. Not only did I complete my final assignment for the selected piece from Kite Tales, but I also helped with numerous editorial projects for Kite Tales and Instructor Hannah's Parami X classes. I'm constantly creating artwork to stay in touch with my artistic inspiration. — l a i x e n 

The most memorable experiences throughout the course will be the breakout room sections. I enjoyed having conversations with both our instructor and my classmates, as I was able to widen my perspective and gain better insights regarding globalization and capitalism. It was really fun talking with them because we could all freely express our opinions and points of view, and I also learned a lot from my classmates during these sections. All the knowledge and learning experiences I have gained from the ParamiX course will be a good starting point for my more in-depth studies in Social Science. May Sapal Shoon Lae

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