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Parami University launched Taiwan Cultural Immersion Program

In collaboration with Shih Chien University based in Taipei, Taiwan, Parami University has launched a 14-day Taiwan Cultural Immersion Program for Parami undergraduate students to explore Taiwanese society and socioeconomic development. The Program is organized by Parami University, a Washington DC licensed online university with roots in Myanmar, in collaboration with Shih Chien University, Rotary Club of Taipei Social Enterprise and Yale Day of Service (Taipei).

Themed “Building Cultures, Empowering Futures: Exploring Taiwanese Society and Socioeconomic Development,” the program will bring 15 students from Parami University to Taiwan to learn about culture and socioeconomic aspects of the country this summer. The Parami students will be joined by Shih Chien University students during the program period to foster cultural exchange, mutual learning, and friendship between the two groups.

Myanmar students will explore contemporary and historical issues pertinent to the Taiwanese country and society and the broader East Asia and Southeast Asia region through two thematic themes.

1) Understanding Taiwanese society: Through this theme, students will explore societal dynamics in Taiwan. They will delve into "Taiwaneseness" concepts, focusing on topics such as cultural diversity, identity, and ethnicity. The sessions will also highlight cultural and identity preservation efforts, such as the revitalization of traditional Taiwanese crafts and the promotion of indigeneity. Students will understand the multifaceted nature of Taiwanese society and its rich cultural heritage while being able to reflect on their own cultural, identity, and ethnic issues in Myanmar. 

2) Exploring socioeconomic development: The second theme will introduce students to Taiwan’s socioeconomic development spectrum and will cover various topics such as sustainable energy,  smart cities, digitalization, disaster preparedness & response, access to housing, healthcare, and education and education reform efforts. This will allow participants to acquire perspectives on Taiwan’s opportunities and challenges related to their sustainable socioeconomic development agenda.

While all learning occurs online, Parami organizes experiential learning and exchange activities outside of class to provide students with global exposure and build a sense of community among the students and broaden their perspectives.

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