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Parami University launched Rising Generation Summer Internship Program

Jointly developed with Bard College and Parami Liberal Arts & Sciences Fund, Inc., Parami University has recently launched the Rising Generation Summer Internship Program, which allows Parami University students to undertake internships in the U.S. The internship program will be eight weeks long and aims to cultivate the leadership, global citizenship, and civic engagement capabilities of youth enrolled in the Parami online undergraduate degree program.

“This internship program will allow students to experience what it's like to work in international organizations in Washington, DC, that work globally on issues that are relatable to the students. By engaging with the aspiring youth of Burma, those individuals and organizations that will be working with our students, in turn, will be able to feel the genuine hope that these young leaders will bring to Burma and see a new future that they will be able to help shape.” — Dr. Kyaw Moe Tun, the President of Parami University 

Nine Parami University undergraduate students were selected for the program, and the students selected for the programs will undertake their internships in person at Washington D.C. and New York City-based global organizations, including Accion International, US-ASEAN Business Council, C4ADS, and East-West Center. They will gain hands-on experience in conducting research and implementing programs in various issue areas such as international trade, global development, and international finance.  

The Rising Generation Summer Internship Program is open to Parami students completing their associate degrees. Upon completing the internship, they will return to their home countries to continue their study at Parami University. 

Although Parami University is an online university offering synchronous online programs, students at Parami regularly participate in many in-person activities in different cities, global exchange programs, and global classrooms with international students from different universities in Parami University’s network.

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