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Parami students donated voices to a school for the visually impaired in Yangon

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Members of Voice Acting Club recording their voice at the School for the Blind
Members of the Voice Acting Club recording their voices at the school for the visually impaired in Yangon

The student-led Voice Acting Club of the Class of 2026 has successfully kicked off its first club activity by donating voices to a school for the visually impaired in Yangon, Myanmar. The club selected an anthology of five short novels that describes nature scenery and objects, and the school assisted them with a studio to record their voices. The school will distribute the recordings to the visually impaired residents of the community to tune in during their leisure time.

Coming from the community, Thant Thaw Tun, the Voice Acting Club president, initiated the project aiming to contribute back to the community. He expressed how delighted he is to have the opportunity to work on the project with his club members and club advisor, who share the same interests.

Members of Voice Acting Club at the Yangon School for Blinds
Members of the Voice Acting Club at the school for visually impaired in Yangon

"I go to that church [in the community] every Sunday. I always dream of doing something useful for the community. I feel I have contributed something, even a small project, like making a voice donation. And it inspired me to contribute more and do more," said Thant Thaw Tun, President of Voice Acting Club, Class of 2026

As voice acting has always been her passion, Chan Hayman Thaw, a club member, expressed her excitement to participate in this project. "This project seems interesting to me as voice acting has always been my interest before joining the club. It's really fun. I got to learn a few tips on voice acting during the recording."

Despite time sensitivity and technical challenges, the team successfully accomplished their first activity and is motivated to do more projects for different communities in the future. The club members expressed that extracurricular activity will become a memorable experience for them during their journey at Parami University.

Apart from being able to contribute something to the community, Thant Thaw Tun added that what he gained from this experience will become helpful in the future, and this extracurricular activity during university life can expand his skillset.

Chan Hayman Thaw highlighted that the activity led to many benefits, including networking, meeting diverse people, and contributing to the community.

“I am very much excited to do a social project. I think it’s a great opportunity to give back to your community regardless of the type of activity or what you are doing. When doing such activities, I can meet more diverse people, and it’s quite inspiring to see other young people our age doing something similar. It gives me a positive feeling to be able to do something for my community during this difficult time. It helps boost my positive vibes.” ⸺Chan Hayman Thaw, Voice Acting Club Member, Class of 2026

In the fall of 2022, the undergraduate students at Parami University created five student clubs to freely connect and collaborate with other like-minded students, organize a platform that invokes curiosity and innovation, and develop leadership experience and collaborative spirit. Current student clubs are Voice Acting Club, Media Club, Public Speaking Club, Social Issues Club, and Fitness Club.

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Mar 10, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This is such an amazing activity!

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