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Parami student selected as Global Engagement Fellow

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Myat Moe Kywe, Parami University Class of 2026
Myat Moe Kywe, Parami University Class of 2026

Parami University Class of 2026 student Myat Moe Kywe was selected to join the 2023 Global Engagement Fellows. Global Engagement Fellows is a year-long program where undergraduate students from the Open Society University Network (OSUN) demonstrate their leadership skills by assisting students across the network and coordinating civic engagement projects.

Myat Moe Kywe serves as a President of the student-led Public Speaking Club at Parami University. She is passionate about bringing opportunities to her classmates. With three years of volunteering experience in a civic engagement program before joining Parami University, Myat is excited to share her knowledge and help her classmates at Parami University in many ways she could.

“I was happy that students from Parami can also apply for the Global Engagement Fellows program. As a representative of Parami University, my main responsibility is supporting the students and coordinating projects. Parami students are such a diverse group of students. They are young, but they are passionate about social issues. I noticed that they have little experience in starting their civic interest into action, so I want to help them define their civic interests and connect with their passions. There should be a personal connection to us when we make a positive impact on our community so that it will be more sustainable.”―Myat Moe Kywe, Parami University Class of 2026

Through this program, the Fellows can build their network with international students from different universities in the OSUN network.

Myat added, "I am kind of good at facilitating and have some experience in project management. It is nice to work for what we love while helping the students community of OSUN with their civic actions and community initiatives. There will be lots of opportunities of being a global fellow in connection with the OSUN network. My professor from Bard College recently invited me to be a moderator for panel discussions with several important public figures. I was excited to be a part of it and did well in helping the panel with international student attendees across the globe. This is one of the opportunities I have had while serving as a Global Fellow."

Over 300 applicants from students across OSUN applied, and about 30 students were selected as Global Engagement Fellows. The Fellows can sign up for up to two programs they are interested in working for. The Fellows will be assigned to at least one or two projects of interest, and the first project will be kicked off in April.

"I believe this kind of extracurricular activities will allow us to apply the theories or lessons we learned from the classroom to real life," Myat highlighted. She also encourages other students at Parami University to apply for this fellowship next year as it's not only a good opportunity to practice their leadership skills but also to achieve personal, professional, and academic improvement.

Also, Ahmed Omar, one of our students from Kenya, has joined as a Global Engagement Fellow (2022-2023) to support higher education for refugees, displaced individuals, and underprivileged students.

Parami Class of 2026 features 57 students with diverse backgrounds from Myanmar, Thailand, and Kenya. They are only in the second semester of their first year and have been actively engaging in many events and projects.

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