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Parami held inaugural Associate Degree Commencement Ceremony

Updated: Jun 17

Parami held inaugural Group photo of Board of Trustees, Faculty and students at 2024 Associate Degree Commencement Ceremony of Parami University
Group photo of Board of Trustees, Faculty and students at 2024 Associate Degree Commencement Ceremony of Parami University

Parami University successfully organized the inaugural Associate Degree Commencement Ceremony in early June, two years after opening the doors to its undergraduate degree programs in 2022. In June 2022, Parami University received a degree-granting authority license granted by the Higher Education Licensure Commission (HELC) to offer two online bachelor's degrees: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) and Statistics and Data Science (SDS). 

The AA graduation was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and attended by over a hundred attendees in-person and online, including graduating students, parents, trustees, faculty, staff, friends, and supporters of Parami University. The ceremony marks a milestone in our students' lives and the history of Parami University. It celebrates the accomplishments of Parami's undergraduate students who have completed their graduation requirements for the associate degree after two years of study. 

The associate degree graduates receive dual degrees from Parami University and Bard College. According to their study track, they will be required to study for another two years to obtain dual bachelor’s degrees from Parami University and Bard College. 

In September 2024, Bard's institutional accreditor, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), approved a partnership between Parami University and Bard College to award dual associate and bachelor's degrees to Parami undergraduate students.  

Dr. Kyaw Moe Tun, the President of Parami University, gave a virtual welcome address: "If you ask me what binds the entire university community, including faculty, staff, and students, it is the relentless pursuit of our mission to contribute to collective national development directly through these engaged and empowered young leaders. This strong mission in national development, not just personal development, is in our DNA. This sets our university and community apart from all other higher education institutions in Burma. This inaugural group of graduates shows what a genuine education in Burma could look like. They show what an engaged intellectual community could look like. The graduates—I couldn't be prouder that you have sailed your academic journey with Parami and with us. In that regard, I want to thank each and every graduate of this class for your contribution.”

The chair of the Board of Trustees of Parami University, Mr. Zali Win, opened the ceremony by encouraging graduating students not to forget the responsibility that comes with their education.


In addition, Dr. Jonathan Becker, the Executive Vice President of Bard College and trustees of the Parami Board also attended the ceremony in person. In his speech, he highlighted the collaboration efforts to provide students with quality education through liberal arts education and mentioned how he was impressed with the Civic Engagement projects done by the Parami’s University students. 

Dr. Phil Enns, Dean of Academic Affairs of Parami University, highlights the academic achievements of Parami's undergraduate students. 

Parami is now home to over 130 students from Myanmar, Thailand, and Kenya. Nine sophomores who have completed their associate degrees are currently in the US for their summer internships while volunteering and interning in their countries and joining international exchange programs in Germany. First-year students will also be joining the 14-day Taiwan Cultural Immersion Program in Taiwan and an exchange program in Thailand this summer. 

Parami University is currently accepting applications for its online four-year bachelor's degree programs. This will be the final round of applications for this class. Find the application form here.

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