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Learning, Sharing and Empowering: Science Experiment Brought to Village

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Young children from a small village in Magway region, Myanmar doing  a volcano science experiment led by Eaint Thet Hmu, Class of 2026
Young children from a small village in Magway region, Myanmar doing a volcano science experiment led by Eaint Thet Hmu, Class of 2026

Time flies by so fast! The Class of 2026 has already started the second semester of their first year at Parami University. The 2023 Spring semester started with plenty of exciting student-led activities and projects as students are ready to apply whatever they have acquired from the fall semester.

Parami’s undergraduate students come from different regions and backgrounds and are equally motivated to contribute to their community. Parami Class of 2026 student Eaint Thet Hmu organized a science experiment for the children in her remote small village in Myanmar.

Eaint Thet Hmu, Class of 2026
Eaint Thet Hmu, Class of 2026

Coming from a rural village in central Myanmar, Eaint is passionate about enabling young people in her community to have equitable access to quality education. As she took Kitchen Chemistry class in fall 2022 taught by Dr. Kyaw Moe Tun, Eaint decided to share the volcano science experiment that she learned in the class with a small group of 10-year-old children in her hometown. Before the experiment, she showed the children a video of children their age from international schools doing the fun science experiment.

She was moved by their curiosity and allowed them to explore the fun in science that they had never had a chance to do before. “The children asked if they could have the same experience as they saw in the video. I then told them to bring vinegar and baking soda from their kitchens to do the volcano science experiment. We did it for fun at first, but their reaction was adorable, and I decided to capture the moment,” Eaint Thet Hmu expressed.

The project was small-scale, yet it was engaging and impactful. It allowed the children to experience experiential learning. It motivated them to study harder to access quality education as Eaint always wanted to do.

“I did the experiment with the children as I wanted the children in my community to experience a “real education.” ⸺ Eaint Thet Hmu, Class of 2026

According to Eaint, real education is a well-rounded education that provides a hands-on learning experience where students can develop not only academically but also socially and professionally. The project inspired her to create more fun and educational activities for the children in her hometown, and she is excited to collaborate with the educators in her community.

Check out the video of the volcano science experiment!

About Kitchen Chemistry Class

Kitchen Chemistry class was taught by Dr. Kyaw Moe Tun in the Fall of 2022, allowing students to learn how science involves everyday human interactions. This course is mainly designed to stimulate scientific curiosity through hands-on experiments on easily accessible kitchen chemicals and materials. The concept of the class emphasizes how cooking allows students to get into the role of a kitchen scientist without realizing they are dealing with organic chemicals and real-life materials.

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