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How could service-learning create more compassionate leaders?

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

As the world is becoming a global village, having compassion skills is essential for young people to become effective change agents and contributing global community members. At Parami University, compassionate service is vital for all students and stakeholders.

To form the basis for compassionate service outside the university in their engagements with communities, 15 Parami undergraduate students landed their service learning at seven community-based organizations this summer. The students committed six-week volunteer services in collaboration with Parami University’s partner organizations in their respective communities and countries, where they learned to improve their compassion, leadership, and communication skills.

The service learning sectors include education, business, community service, and agriculture. Some students sent in the highlights photos and short quotes reflecting experiences from the service learning.

With interest in meeting people with diverse backgrounds with unique thoughts brought two Parami students to Shan State, Myanmar, to volunteer at a community school hundreds of miles away from home. Working as an Assistant to Teacher’s Office, Pone Nyat Aung helped the teachers at the center teach English, Gender Studies, and Social Science to the students attending a diploma program at the school.

“The school has such a diverse community. Diversity is one of my criteria when choosing a place to do my service Learning. Some students are refugees, and hearing their stories has helped me improve my goal of compassionate service. The school has a strong sense of community and support system for its community.” ―Pone Nyat Aung

As a volunteer Data Collector in the Circular Economy sector at an environmental organization, Tris Zachary Yang’s role was to visit repair shops in certain wards in Yangon, where his classmate from Parami and he were assigned, and interview them about the difficulties they are facing in their business.

“I have learned that communication plays a crucial role whenever one is working in a multicultural environment, an important component of liberal arts. This service learning has improved my critical thinking as it has pushed me to collaborate.” ―Tris Zachary Yang

Four Parami undergraduate students in Chiang Mai, Thailand selected to do their service Learning at a youth organization in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to teach English to undocumented students in construction camps where students lack proper opportunities in education.

“Since most of the students in the camp lack the proper education and face some difficulties in life, I think it would be a great opportunity for us to help them and inspire them along with developing my leadership and communication skills. I have learned to be more patient, understand the teachers’ points of view and enhance the diverse opinions of different teaching styles and cultures.” Mayuri

Below are photos from Parami students from other volunteer sites.

Parami University envisions its liberal arts and sciences education to foster three core characteristics – critical thinking, inspired leadership, and compassionate service so that youth will be empowered to become change-makers in their communities and responsible global citizens well-prepared for the critical juncture in global history.

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