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Google Career Certificate Programs at Parami are back!

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Applications for Google Career Certificate Programs at Parami are open today, and any interested individual can sign up for the programs until November 22, 2023. Parami University partnered with Grow with Google in late 2022 to provide Google Career Certificate Programs designed to pass on job-ready skills in high-growth careers. In partnership with Grow with Google, Parami was able to offer five self-paced Google Career Certificate Programs to about 550 learners free of charge in 2023.

Nine self-paced Google Career Certificate training programs will be offered in 2024.

  • Certificate Program in Data Analytics

  • Certificate Program in Advanced Data Analytics (Prerequisite: Data Analytics)

  • Certificate Program in Business Intelligence (Prerequisite: Data Analytics)

  • Certificate Program in Digital Marketing & E-commerce

  • Certificate Program in IT Support

  • Certificate Program in IT Automation with Python (Prerequisite: IT Support)

  • Certificate Program in Cybersecurity

  • Certificate Program in Project Management

  • Certificate Program in UX Design

Who can apply

Anyone interested in the field is welcome to apply; no prior experience is required. Participants will receive a Google career certificate after successfully completing the training program.


Normally, these training programs are available on, and the applicants have to pay or apply for financial aid from Coursera. However, participants signing up for the programs from Parami University are required to pay nothing but 100% commitment.

Attendance Policy

  • Participants must finish the lessons before the deadline (Please see the course schedule [].) Although the aforementioned schedule is the bottom line, participants can work through the course materials at their own pace.)

  • If a participant misses the deadlines more than two times without informing the Parami team, their scholarship will be revoked and will be given to a new participant.


In order to join the programs, participants are required to have the following:

  • English proficiency level (Pre-Intermediate)

  • Age of 18 or older

  • Computer (RAM 2GB)

  • Internet (2Mbs)

  • Commitment to complete the course

For more information about the Google Career Certificate Programs, please contact us at or

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