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Beyond Campus: Collaboration opportunity with international students

Transference of Knowledge through the Traditional Art of Indigenous Instruction Webinar

Learning takes place not only in the classroom but also through extra-curricular activities. To allow students to have hands-on experience and apply the knowledge from the classroom in real life, the Parami University student affairs team introduced an opportunity beyond the Parami online campus.

Before the end of the 2023 spring semester, Parami students got an excellent opportunity to organize an Event Talks seminar series in collaboration with students from the Universitas Gadjah Madain Indonesia.

Three Parami students who participated in the Event Talks seminar collaborated with their Indonesian student counterparts and shared with us about the events they organized, the roles they took, and their contributions to the success of the events.

Thant Thaw Tun was the liaison officer for the Transference of Knowledge through the Traditional Art of Indigenous Instruction event. Watch the webinar on Youtube.

“I was responsible for looking for the right speaker to deliver a speech on the topic and facilitate smooth communication between the speaker and the host university. I had never done something like this before. I was glad that nothing went wrong. Time management was something I learned from this experience.” ⸺ Thant Thaw Tun, Class of 2026

Chaw Su Hlaing, our undergraduate student, participated in organizing the Overcoming Cultural Challenges and Embracing Diversity webinar with a guest speaker from Myanmar studying at a university in Indonesia. The talk focused on overcoming the challenges when students study abroad and how to embrace different cultures. She had a role in the Public and International Relations team where she got a chance to communicate with the guest speaker and do a rehearsal in preparation for the webinar and engage participants throughout the whole webinar.

“The greatest lesson I learned from the activity is that different cultures do not mean difficulty, but they mean embracing diversity.” ⸺ Chaw Su Hlaing, Class of 2026

Phone Khant got a chance to participate as a game facilitator for the event about the challenges and struggles that people in Pakistan face in the workplace. The speaker shared insights into his country’s work cultures in the webinar.

“One great lesson I got from this was that listening to the feedback and ideas of other people is always essential. After testing our “guessing the words” game with working team members, my teammate told me that the game is not that interactive and refreshing; instead, it is a bit exclusive, and the audience might find this game boring. After realizing this big weak spot in our game, we quickly changed the plan and did the interactive quiz. As a result, many of the audience who joined the webinar were satisfied and happy with the game session! This is one of the greatest lessons that I learned.”⸺ Phone Khant, Class of 2026

The students shared that they have exercised and had a chance to improve skills such as articulate communication, public and international relations, and event facilitation.

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