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April Shower Brings May Flowers: Visual storytelling and craft workshops by LAPC

Updated: Jun 17

LAPC team, participants, representatives from MPA and Sakku at Sakku office

May is the last month of the spring semester. As a student-led club promoting creativity, critical thought, and self-expression among their classmates through publications and workshops, the LAPC club didn't fail to create space and opportunity for their classmates and community members of Parami University to stay motivated and creative while juggling deadlines. In mid-May, LAPC organized a two-day event titled "April Shower Brings May Flowers," allowing participants to learn technical skills and develop a deeper understanding of how art can convey complex stories and emotions. The event consists of two workshops: "Visual Storytelling with Photography" and "Zine Making." 

At the "Visual Storytelling with Photography" workshop, participants learned various techniques and styles of visual storytelling in contemporary photography. The session included exploring photo books by international and local photographers, offering insights into diverse narrative forms. The "Zine Making" workshop allowed participants to engage in a hands-on workshop with Sak Ku studio, where they learned about zine creation and bookbinding. 

Participants took away several key insights and skills from the activities. From the photography workshop, they learned how to use visual elements to craft compelling stories and appreciated the diverse narrative techniques used by photographers worldwide. The zine-making workshop equipped them with the skills to create and bind their zines, empowering them to use this medium for personal storytelling.

Both workshops emphasized the importance of creativity, individual expression, and the transformative power of art, reinforcing LAPC's commitment to fostering a supportive environment where individuals can explore and express their unique perspectives.

Meanwhile, representatives from both Sakku and MPA expressed their excitement about the opportunity to meet and share their knowledge with students from Parami University and described Parami students as active and enthusiastic. 

It was a really great opportunity. I have always loved sharing and talking about photography with anyone. But it was a special occasion with Parami students as they were all enthusiastic. I hope to have more opportunities with Parami students in the future. (Rita from Myanmar Photo Archive) 

We are pleased to share our bookmaking knowledge with the Parami University students. They are creative and actively participated in the workshop. We hope the knowledge they gain from the workshop will be helpful for their upcoming projects. (Sakku Team)

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