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"A Question"

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Thant Thaw Tun, Class of 2026 student, ponders the dichotomies of life and death in this beautiful poem. A Question

A Question that we all ask

Explicit words, confusing meanings, unfathomable logic

Life and death, we ponder

We all have it, seen it, heard it, experienced it, yet, understood its wonder.

Life, on one hand, held a flame,

Flame, full of color, either burns the brightest or the faintest

Flame, full of potential, either went on a journey or was locked in a cage

Flame, full of story, either tell to the world or keep it at bay

Flame, full of fuel, either share or warm or burn the surroundings

Yet, bearing four words has infinite meanings.

Death, on the other hand, held darkness,

A zone of danger, no one dares venture

An ocean of void, light unexist

We all, curious, afraid

Neither brave nor smart to sail

Yet, no one ever came back to tell the tale.

Now, two objects,

Life and death

Light and dark

Hope and loss

Bright and gloomy

Told and untold

Smiling and crying

Praying and suffering

Blessing and begging

Yet, nothing in common.

Life, we all have

Light, we shone

Either choose to cherish, birth or destroy

Light of others and yours, held in everyone’s arms

Death, we are all afraid

Dark, we unseen

Either prevent or push

Your loved ones or enemies

Now, we see a common

Life and death, a roulette

A game of choice, decision, consequences

Every action one takes can lead

Either life or death.

A Question that we all ask

Short words, endless meanings, unbearable logic

Life and death, we still wonder

We all have it, seen it, heard it, experienced it, yet, understood it, full.

Note: This poem is written by Thant Thaw Tun, Parami Undergraduate Student, Class of 2026. This is one of his poems from the two-weeks Language and Thinking (L&T) Program at Parami University.

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