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Parami student received Study UK Alumni Social Action Award

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Hein Htet Oo received the Study UK Alumni social action award USA at British Embassy in Washington DC
Hein Htet Oo received the Study UK Alumni social action award USA at British Embassy in Washington DC

Hein Htet Oo received the Study UK Alumni social action award USA at British Embassy in Washington DC for work in voicing human rights violations in Myanmar, climate crisis awareness, and youth issues worldwide. He is a student from the 8th cohort of the Parami Leadership Program (PLP).

On its ninth edition, the UKAlumniAwards celebrated a strong pool of profiles from diverse backgrounds, professions, and contexts. British Embassy in Washington DC recognized talented professionals in the USA using their UK education experience to achieve great things and inspired others to do the same. Hein, a graduate of the University of Northampton, was selected for this award for his outstanding achievements as a professional, changemaker, and community leader. He is the youngest among all awardees and the only representative from Myanmar.

“The contenders for Study UK Alumni awards in all categories include individuals with PhDs, multiple decades of careers, and internationally celebrated professionals with incredible bodies of work. And they come from most developed countries. I am so proud to be firmly able to hold my own place against them.” ⸺Hein Htet Oo

He is also a nominee for Study UK Alumni social action award Global 2023. Social action awards recognize individuals who have made an exceptional contribution and commitment to creating positive social change and improving the lives of others in areas like reducing inequality, poverty, hunger, education, upskilling, peace, and justice.

Hein Htet Oo is a climate champion, democracy activist, and youth community builder. He serves as a member of the international youth board for Knowles Educational and Charitable Trust for International Leadership (KECTIL), mentoring over 8000 youths from 106 developing countries. He is a partner at the international relation department of the Democratic Youth Council (DYC) of Myanmar. He is also a United Nations-accredited stakeholder in the intergovernmental negotiating committee (INC-1) developing an international legally binding instrument on plastic pollution. He chaired multiple youth dialogues in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), acknowledged by government officials. He established Myanmar's first Youth Environment Assembly, supported by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

About Parami Leadership Program - PLP

With a vision to empower students from Burma and other Southeast Asian through liberal arts and sciences education, Parami started as the Parami Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences in 2017 to provide quality education to adult learners in Burma. The Parami Leadership Program was its flagship program that admitted university graduates of Burma from all across the country to cultivate critical thinking, leadership skills, and a compassionate service mindset through a year-long intensive liberal arts and sciences curriculum.

Parami alumni are from all walks of life and are some of the most talented and driven individuals across Myanmar. Some alumni are pursuing further study abroad, while some decided to return to their hometowns to pursue their careers. Including the last cohort, PLP 8th cohort, the program has over 150 alumni who have entered diverse professional fields and higher education programs.

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Feb 23, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Proud to be a Parami Student!

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