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Parami partnered with Grow with Google to offer FREE professional certificate programs

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Parami University has partnered with Grow with Google to provide Google professional certificate programs designed to pass on job-ready skills in high-growth career fields. With this partnership, Parami aims to equip young people with skills for future professional development. As a partner with GWG, Parami will offer these programs for the Burmese diaspora living in the US and Canada free of charge.

The available self-paced Google Professional Programs are:

  • Certificate Program in Data Analytics

  • Certificate Program in Digital Marketing & E-commerce

  • Certificate Program in IT Support

  • Certificate Program in Project Management

  • Certificate Program in UX Design

All five programs will be offered under the Parami Institute of Continuing Education (PICE) at Parami University, allowing young professionals to expand their career potential.

These training programs are available on, but they are not free. However, participants applying from Parami University are required to pay nothing but 100% commitment to attending the program. Each training program consists of 6-9 courses respectively and will take approximately 6 months to complete, with 5 hours a week dedicated to the study.

There will also be monthly recap sessions organized by Parami to support the learners with keynotes and takeaways at the end of each course.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone interested in the field is welcome to apply; no prior experience is required. Participants will receive a Google professional certificate after successfully completing the training program.

Attendance Policy

  • Each program is self-paced and can take approximately 6 months to complete. Students should be able to commit a minimum of 5 hours per week to work on course materials.

  • Students must finish the lessons before the deadline (Please see the course schedule: Although students can work through the course materials at their own pace, the assignments must be submitted before the deadline(s) mentioned in the schedule.)

  • If a student misses the deadlines more than two times without informing the study buddy, their scholarship will be revoked and given to a new student.

  • Students are highly encouraged to join optional recap sessions and guest speakers sessions relevant to each course.


To join the programs, students are required to have as following:

  • English proficiency level (Pre-Intermediate)

  • Age of 18 or older

  • Computer (RAM 2GB)

  • Internet (2Mbs)

  • Must be able to complete the course

Please sign up for the programs before December 15, 2022. Since the seats are limited, applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Apply now:

Apart from the undergraduate programs, Parami offers many civically engaged programs to provide continuing learning opportunities for young people. Under the Parami Institute of Continuing Education at Parami University, Parami provides three offerings: ParamiX online courses, English language courses, and a Burmese language seminar course on analytical skills. All the courses offered by the Parami Institute of Continuing Education are not licensed by the Higher Education Licensure Commission.

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