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How are GCC programs students learning?

It has been five months since the Google Career Certificate programs at Parami University opened in December 2022. Parami University partnered with Grow with Google in late 2022 to provide Google Career Certificate programs designed to pass on job-ready skills in high-growth careers. Parami called for the round 2 application in April 2023, which welcomed another 76 students to join the programs in addition to the 475 from the first round of the application.

With this partnership, Parami aims to equip young people with skills for future professional development and offer five self-paced Google Professional Programs free of charge. The five programs include Certificate Program in Data Analytics, Certificate Program in Digital Marketing & E-commerce, Certificate Program in IT Support, Certificate Program in Project Management, and Certificate Program in UX Design. They are offered under the Parami Institute of Continuing Education (PICE) at Parami University, allowing young professionals to expand their career potential.

Most students in the Google Career Certificate program are full-time working professionals. They joined the programs to advance their career or widen their career opportunities. Some students have completed their programs within 3-4 months, while the majority are still in the programs.

Some students from the different programs shared their best tips for managing their studies while working full-time.

  • Create a schedule and set specific goals for each course or module. This helped them stay organized and focused on completing the necessary tasks.

  • Prioritize coursework by identifying the most important and time-sensitive assignments. This tactic ensured that they stayed on track and didn’t fall behind.

  • Break down the study time by committing 30 minutes daily to study.

Parami University uses a structured approach with set assignment deadlines, recap sessions led by assigned study buddies, and tech support to ensure student support and higher completion rates. The application was opened.

While most students are doing well with their time management, some students found the recap sessions as a reminder, motivating them to learn. They describe the recap sessions as a fun and helpful learning activity.

Peer learning, specifically through recap sessions, has been highly beneficial to my learning experience. These sessions allow for collaborative discussions, clarifying complex concepts, and gaining insights from peers. Peer learning enhances comprehension, facilitates knowledge exchange, promotes teamwork, builds confidence, and creates networking opportunities. The recap session has reinforced my understanding, expanded my perspective, improved my collaboration skills, and provided valuable connections within the industry. Peer learning has significantly contributed to my educational journey and has been instrumental in my growth and development.⸺a student from Certificate Program in Project Management

Through the collaboration, Parami also enables students from Myanmar who have no passport to verify their ID to obtain a certification of completion successfully.

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