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ParamiX participants’ projects got featured on the Wind & Bones website

The final projects, combining stories and illustrations, from the 2024 Spring ParamiX course called True Stories Go Global were featured on Wind & Bones website. The True Stories Go Global course was taught by Dr. Hannah Stevens, an author and storyteller. 

Five different courses were offered through Parami Institute of Continuing Education (PICE) under the theme “Go Global”, with the intention to help learners grow both personally and professionally. In each of the Go Global courses of the Spring 2024 semester, ParamiX participants worked together on projects courses which were related to social and environmental issues. The projects were designed to connect local and global learning. 

Participants in Dr. Hannah Stevens’s "True Stories Go Global" course explored storytelling through writing micro-stories, which are short bursts of real-life experiences. These stories were then paired with illustrations created by participants from the Illustration course, another Go Global course of this semester. The course covered a broad range of writing skills, including personal essays, travel writing, journalism, editing, and research. The final projects, combining stories and illustrations, were featured on the Wind & Bones website.

Wind & Bones is run by Dr. Hannah Stevens and Dr. Will Buckingham. Through Wind & Bones they offer workshops, lectures, and mentoring programs around the world. Wind & Bones has worked on projects about storytelling, social entrepreneurship, and public philosophy. Dr. Hannah Stevens has taught several classes at ParamiX and Parami’s undergraduate programs and Dr. Will Buckingham is a full-time faculty of General Education at Parami University. 

Dr. Stevens is a versatile writer with experience leading projects for organizations like the BBC and Greenpeace, and working with diverse groups. She's also a published author with a forthcoming collection "On the Bodies of Strangers" in 2025. In this course, Dr. Stevens guided the participants on a journey to develop their storytelling skills, connect with a global audience, and find their voice as a writer.

For the final project, participants were given an assignment to write about a single event, activity and moment from the previous 24 hours of their lives in 100 words.  Learners’ dedication and their careful attention to important details and moments can be seen in each of their personal stories. Four incredible pictures and stories created in the course are now live for everyone to enjoy. Check out the art and stories by ParamiX participants to see their amazing ideas and skills here!

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