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AEM-Parami launched free online self-paced English course for public

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

On April 10, 2023, AEM-Parami (English Language Initiative) launched a program on Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) to provide free asynchronous learning access for anyone who wishes to improve their English language skills.

Four courses are available on the AEM-Parami Moodle LMS for the public, and the courses were adapted from the courses currently offered at AEM-Parami (English Language Initiative). Each class is made up of 12 Unit contents. Each unit includes lesson objectives, 10-15 minutes long pre-recorded instructional videos, Lesson PowerPoints, and end-of-unit quiz sections for the enrolled students. The first of the four courses, English for Academic Purposes (EAP), is live, and the remaining three courses will be available soon.

According to the AEM-Parami team, these Moodle courses for the public are tailored for those who did not get into the program, who dropped out of the course for many reasons, and who would like to learn English for Specific Purposes in structured course content. These self-paced asynchronous courses will help the students supplement their language needs on their own time. These Moodle courses shall remain as a legacy program of AEM-Parami.

AEM-Parami has also created self-paced Moodle English language courses for alums from Year 1 and Year 2-Term 1 of the program.

The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) will provide students with step-by-step support and practice to improve English language essay writing skills. Students will be able to 1) organize an essay and write logically for university, 2) create good thesis statements, find reliable sources, develop an essay structure, and use evidence, and 3) plan and execute an essay confidently.

Learning materials/activities included in the Moodle For Public Courses, English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

  • Watching pre-recorded lectures

  • Undertaking further learning as provided in supplementary resources.

  • Participating in an online discussion forum

  • Watching online videos and taking a quiz to evaluate your understanding.

  • Completing a guided project, such as preparing for a presentation and writing a report.

User capacity & duration of the courses

  • AEMP Moodle platform can host 5000 concurrent users at the same time.

  • However, AEMP limits students' access to the course for three months, so new users can enroll to access the course.

  • No certificates will be provided for these self-paced courses.


  • Any interested English Language learners can create an account with their emails to get access to these courses.

  • Check course enrollment and login instructions

  • Enroll for the course on AEMP Moodle LMS

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