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7 reasons to start your education journey at Parami University

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

As a student, you need a quality education that will equip you with the skills you need to achieve personal and career success. At Parami University, we believe that liberal arts and sciences education enables self-reflection, discovery, and actualization, through which students can achieve personal fulfillment and positive societal change. Parami University is where a young, aspiring global citizen belongs.

In August 2022, Parami University will offer two online Bachelor of Arts degree programs: Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) and Bachelor of Arts in Statistics and Data Science (SDS). Parami University undergraduate programs are licensed under the Higher Education Licensure Commission (HELC) of Washington, D.C., in the US. The classes are fully synchronous and delivered using advanced education technologies with world-class faculty.

Students at Parami University will have a chance to:

  1. Receive US-recognized degrees

  2. Learn with faculty from the around the world

  3. Get a full scholarship

  4. Learn through advanced educational technology

  5. Learn at a learning hub

  6. Gain a lifetime value of education

  7. Gain international experience

1. You will receive US-recognized degrees.

Parami University and Bard College have developed an agreement to offer dual degrees to Parami undergraduate students. The dual degree program will allow Parami University undergraduate students to obtain academic credits from Bard College and be awarded associate degrees from both Parami University and Bard College. Ultimately, the institutions seek to award dual Bachelor of Arts degrees—one from Parami University and one from Bard College—subject to further approval by relevant authorities and committees.

Through liberal arts and sciences education, students will experience a holistic learning environment and learn through a student-centered approach that encompasses the four C's of 21st Century skills: Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication. We offer rigorous undergraduate programs emphasizing academic excellence and civic engagement in an immersive learning environment that encourages students to pursue their passion and make the best of their learning.

2. You will learn with faculty from around the world.

Parami University has welcomed many experienced faculty from around the world with a great passion for teaching and research. The Parami faculty members show diverse academic interests with a bent toward interdisciplinary learning and cross-divisional collaboration. During your time at Parami University, you will have a chance to learn from high-caliber faculty members whose professional experience will allow you to receive continuous support to succeed in your future career after graduation.

3. You can get a full scholarship.

Parami University practices a principle of equity when awarding scholarships. This means that students will be awarded a scholarship (partial or full) based on how much students' families can contribute towards their education. For those families who cannot afford to provide any financial contribution to their children, Parami University pledges to provide full scholarships. More than 80% of students at Parami University are expected to be supported with partial and full scholarships.

4. You will learn through advanced educational technology.

Parami University will offer online undergraduate programs. However, the classes are fully-synchronous and delivered using advanced education technologies to provide our students with an engaging learning environment. The Edtech tools provided at Parami University are the same as those tools you can experience at world-famous universities such as Yale University and Harvard University.

5. You can learn at learning hubs.

Having a sense of accomplishment, experiencing a friendly learning environment, and feeling at home in the university community are important for students. Keeping all these in mind, Parami Liberal Arts and Sciences Fund, Inc. (PLASFI) will be supporting Parami University students who do not have stable internet and electricity by providing room and board at some select learning hubs in different cities.

Our learning hubs are also designed to enhance student collaboration, networking, and engagement during the course of their study at Parami University.

6. You will receive a lifetime value of education.

Students at Parami University will develop strong English, writing and articulation, and fundamental computer skills. Daily application of language and computer skills will enable students to achieve mastery without the need to pay for extra courses. Moreover, interdisciplinary knowledge, strong research skills, and lifelong learning habits will also enable students to hone their technical and soft skills over the course of their lifetime despite fluctuations in job trends. Internationally recognized degrees from Parami and Bard will enable students to access further study opportunities such as Master's or Ph.D. programs, especially at the universities in Parami's network (see international experience section).

7. You will gain international experience.

Parami has a strong network with many well-known universities and colleges worldwide, such as Bard College and Arizona State University in the United States, the American University of Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan, London School of Economics in the United Kingdom, Sciences Po in Paris, European Humanities University in Lithuania, and National Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan and many more.

As a student at Parami University, you will be able to take several credit-bearing online courses from any of the universities in Parami University's network, which Parami will announce every semester. By taking these courses across institutions, you will be able to meet international students from universities worldwide to exchange ideas and gain intercultural experience. Grab this opportunity and start your journey with Parami University now!

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