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Transforming Mindsets to Fight Climate Change

Start Date

Aug 7, 2023


12 Weeks


About the Course

Summers are scorching hot, winters are much colder,  the monsoon rains are unpredictable, and cyclones are more ferocious. There is no denying, whether you live in the big cities or in the rural areas, the effects of climate change are obviously upon us. What is the world doing to combat climate change? What can you as an individual do to combat climate change? Changing our mindsets will be necessary to combat climate change. Join our class to discuss and exchange views on climate challenges we are facing, climate initiatives being taken at the global and regional levels, climate actions taken by the youth around the world, and climate justice movements for the most vulnerable countries. If we are all willing to change our mindsets and habits, we can still save our Planet Earth. 

Your Instructor

LL.M. Khin Thandar

LL.M. Khin Thandar

Khin Thandar is a legal professional with 30+ years of working experience in the government sector, INGO sector, Commercial law sector, and with development partners. She is one of the Founding members of the Myanmar Biodiversity Fund(MBF), the first independent trust fund to be established in Myanmar for conservation. She has an LL.B from Yangon University and an LL.M from IMO-IMLI. She has worked as a legal consultant /legal researcher for several ADB technical assistance projects for law reforms and has contributed her expertise in several national law drafting processes and ASEAN initiatives.

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