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The Business of Making Change

Start Date

Aug 7, 2023


12 Weeks


About the Course

Businesses can be a change maker for climate change and social inequality. But not every business... In this course we will look at the landscape of "Social Businesses" and how they distinguish themselves from normal businesses. We will focus, however, on Impact Businesses and investigate how they can make a positive change in our world, what that change is and how you can recognise, contribute, or start an Impact Business to make change. This course is for everyone who wants “to make change” to help create a better future, using common market principles, but with a different goal: a world our children can live in.

Your Instructor

Jack van Dokkum (M.A.)

Jack van Dokkum (M.A.)

Jack has worked in Corporate Responsibility since 2011, mainly in the textile industry in Cambodia, Myanmar, and Italy. Currently he advises companies on changing the way they do business, to help avert the global climate crisis and stop the exploitation of people and earth for the pursuit of profits. Personal freedom, self-determination and equitable opportunities are basic human rights and companies need to change their business strategy and their way of organizing to allow for these rights to be enjoyed within companies, and around them. If companies do this, they will become more resilient, more efficient and more sustainable, contributing to a prosperous future for all creatures on earth.

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