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The Business of Impact: How Entrepreneurs Can Save the World

Start Date

Jan 16, 2023


12 week


About the Course

This course is about the most modern form of entrepreneurship: Impact Businesses. Impact Businesses are about maximizing impact, using the classical marketplace and business tools to create social and environmental improvements. We will investigate how Impact Businesses have an impact, what that impact is, and how you can recognize, contribute, or start an Impact Business. This course is for everyone who wants to help create a better future using common market principles but for a different goal: maximizing well-being.

Your Instructor

Jack van Dokkum (M.A.)

Jack van Dokkum (M.A.)

Jack van Dokkum received M.A. in Development Studies from Radboud University in the Netherlands. He has a diverse background, starting in development cooperation both in India and the Netherlands and moving through higher education teaching and management to his current life in sustainable business management. He is a staunch supporter of a new organizational culture that supports sustainability and, as such, is skeptical of classical management and business models as a vehicle for progress. For the past 12 years, he has worked mainly in Asia. He is currently employed to develop the Safety and Sustainability agenda for the new factory of the U.K. brand 'innocent drinks' in the port of Rotterdam. He is an avid sailor, a volleyball player/coach, and loves playing music.

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