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Telling Stories: The Art of Fiction

Start Date

Jan 16, 2023


12 Weeks


About the Course

This course will provide a hands-on approach to new or experienced writers, storytellers, and editors. It will offer a space for participants to explore and cultivate skills in these rafts. This course will explore multiple genres and forms of storytelling, from ghost stories to horror and from magical realism to flash fiction. Come and join us, and let's tell some exciting and compelling stories!

Your Instructor

Hannah Stevens (Ph.D.)

Hannah Stevens (Ph.D.)

Hannah Stevens has a Ph.D. in Creative Writing and has been writing and publishing fiction and non-fiction since 2012. Her latest book, IN THEIR ABSENCE, was published in 2021. Hannah has run creative writing workshops with the BBC, Greenpeace, the British Embassy, and the Goethe Institute. Through her creative projects, she has worked with female survivors of domestic abuse, refugees, activists, ex-political prisoners, young people, and many more.

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