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Diversity and Social Inclusion

Start Date

Jan 16, 2023


12 Weeks


About the Course

Diversity is Beauty, and everybody in our society matters. You will learn the benefits and power of inclusivity, how to incorporate a diversity mindset into organizational culture, and how to relate and communicate more collaboratively and respectfully with everyone you interact with. Informed by first-person accounts from people who experience inequality and exclusion, it encourages participants to explore the reality of discrimination, inequality, and barriers to inclusion for various cohorts of people. Inequalities related to race, gender, sexuality, and disability will be considered. Participants will be invited to critically reflect on how these issues shape the experiences of the people they work with and consider how their own practice can be developed to support enhanced agency and advocacy around these issues.

Your Instructor

Kyaw Sit Naing (M.Sc.)

Kyaw Sit Naing (M.Sc.)

Kyaw Sit Naing holds his Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University (2013) and a B.A. in Political Science and Social Work from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2012). He worked as an Associate Program Director at Daw Khin Kyi Foundation in Yangon upon his return to Burma in 2013 and as a visiting lecturer at the Department of Psychology, Yangon University, since 2016. Recently he founded the Yangon School of Social Work, the pioneer social work school in Myanmar. While he focuses on the capacity development of youth in Myanmar, he also works on becoming a social change agent for his homeland by enabling fellow citizens to see a better future, appreciate their differences, and draw strength from those differences while moving toward a better quality of life.

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