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Climate Change Advocacy

Start Date

Jan 16, 2023


12 Weeks


About the Course

Climate "code red" alarms have been sounded, and our Earth is speeding to 'the point of no return' in global warming. Although we already feel its effects on our daily lives, businesses, and surroundings, many of us continue to act like it is "business as usual." In this course, the participants will discuss key issues that affect climate change and how best to mitigate those effects by looking at initiatives being taken around the world to make necessary changes in our daily lives and actions. The course will help to understand environmental and resource economics, international law and policies associated with climate change, and what is being done through international conventions and protocols to mitigate climate challenges. It will also look at how individuals can play a responsible part by applying the knowledge to their lives, work and businesses and become active advocates for climate change.

Your Instructor

Khin Thandar (LL.M)

Khin Thandar (LL.M)

Khin Thandar has an LL.B. from Yangon University and is a Nippon Foundation Scholar who received an LL.M. in International Maritime Law from IMO-International Maritime Law Institute in Malta. She is a founding Director of Myanmar's first independent conservation trust fund – the Myanmar Biodiversity Fund, established in 2019. She contributed her legal expertise in the drafting process of Myanmar's Conservation of Biodiversity and Protected Areas Law in 2018. Khin Thandar has over 30 years of working experience, in the Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as a Legal Advisor for the DFDL International law Firm, Legal Advisor for the Wildlife Conservation Society, and Legal Consultant for six Asian Development Bank technical assistant projects.

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