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Parami Alumnus Selected as a Climate Ambassador of Global Youth Climate Network

We would like to congratulate our alumnus, Kyaw Zin Myo, from the 6th Cohort of Parami Leadership Program (PLP), who was recently selected to be a Global Youth Climate Network 2021 Climate Ambassador.

The Global Youth Climate Network (GYCN) is a nine-month-long program that is a part of the World Bank Youth-to-Youth (Y2Y) Community. The GYCN program serves as a platform for gathering young people with a strong passion for climate change and sustainable development issues. Throughout the program, ambassadors will have to work together and develop initiatives that raise awareness and address climate change issues. 

Kyaw Zin Myo (PLP 6th Cohort)

Kyaw Zin Myo has been selected to be a part of GYCN 2021 Climate Ambassadors from 153 countries.

“I feel very proud to be selected as a 2021 Climate Ambassador. Now I can take climate actions together with many young people from different countries. Networking with other young environmental activists could bring big action for climate change,” said Kyaw Zin Myo. 

Kyaw Zin Myo has already accomplished many environmental movements, including volunteering at Trash Hero Mandalay and organizing a climate talk series. Aiming to amplify his environment-related activities, he decided to join the 2021 Climate Ambassador.

“I always find such an opportunity like this. Through a suggestion from one of my friends, I decided to apply to represent Myanmar to pursue my passion and commitment. Networking is very important for a young change-maker locally and globally. This opportunity is a second step to stand as a young environmental activist, and encourages me to continue what I am doing. Representing Myanmar is one of the most important reasons for applying to this program,” he added. 

Kyaw Zin Myo is currently teaching an environmental subject to children and adults at Phaung Daw Oo Monastic Education High School in Mandalay, Myanmar. He is also the founder (chapter leader) of Climate Talks Mandalay, established on July 13, 2020. Meanwhile, Kyaw Zin Myo is volunteering at Trash Hero Mandalay, where he helps raise awareness about plastic pollution through clean-up events and content sharing on social media platforms. 

See Kyaw Zin Myo’s story:

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