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Lori Enns

Faculty of General Education

Lori has an M.A. in Applied Linguistics and has taught writing and other communication skills to university students in Canada, China, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan. She has taught across a range of disciplinary foci, from scientific writing for graduate students in Engineering, to the architecture of argument for undergraduate students, and English conversation for blind students. Within the last decade, Lori’s niche has become WID - Writing in the Disciplines. 

Before joining Parami University in 2023, she was Coordinator of the Writing Center at Nazarbayev University. There, she managed all aspects of the Writing Center, including liaising with faculty across university departments, helping to determine student weakness in writing, and developing programs to meet student’s writing needs. Lori is familiar with a broad cross-section of university writing and has enjoyed teaching students across disciplinary majors and across geographic boundaries. She gets enthusiastic about helping students develop their own communication skills in order to be more successful in their academic studies.

Lori Enns

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